As modern technology develops rapidly, it is normal to have advances in hair transplantation techniques and hair loss treatments. One of them is Sapphire Fue hair transplant. SafirFue is one of the latest methods that have become widespread recently. After the hair roots are taken with the Fue technique, incisions begin to be opened where the roots will settle, which is another stage. In the past, equipment called metal slits were used at this stage, while today it is made with Sapphire blades made from a valuable element called Sapphire.

Sapphire (Diamond) Management



Sapphire tip is treated more often, against the risk of future shedding allows you to transplant again.

Sapphire tip has antibacterial property. Due to the smoothness, stiffness and sharpness it has, there will be less tissue damage and no trauma.

It will have a more natural appearance, as hair roots will be planted more often.

120-130 grafts can be planted to cm2 in Sapphire tip application. In the application with Metal slit, this number was applied to cm2 as 85-90 grafts.

Patients will feel all kinds of comfort after the operation, as the risk of edema that occurs after planting will be minimized.

Since the channels opened in planting with sapphire tip are smaller, the healing becomes faster and smoother.

In Sapphire Hair Transplantation, since the hair is planted in its own size, there is no possibility of changing the hair angles or dislodging the hair.

While the last point applied in recent years in hair transplantation is known as the FUE method, people are now looking for quality and comfort and prefer it. At this point, SAPPHIRE FUE method made with sapphire tip comes to the fore.



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