Hair mesotherapy is approved by the FDA (American Health Organization), and the results obtained are a very effective practice. People who notice that their hair is falling out quickly can achieve healthier and abundant hair using hair mesotherapy.

In our clinic, very thin needles are used in hair Mesotherapy and microinjection is performed on the scalp in minimal dosages from the middle part.

Due to microinjection ,the functional dermis layer of the skin is stimulated and the minerals, oligoelement, vitamins and regulators needed by the hair root are transferred to the tissue.

This procedure is applied as local, and no age or gender discrimination is observed for this application. In other words, the process is easily applied to everyone.

Hair mesotherapy depending on the speed of the person’s hair loss, the number of Sessions and cures to be applied may vary.


What Are The Advantages Of

Hair Mesotherapy Method?

Hair mesotherapy is applied as local. The application gives very successful results. Application can be done by selecting the desired regions. During hair mesotherapy, hair roots that are not applied are also positively affected by this process, stimulating the areas of hair that fall out.

Another advantage of hair mesotherapy is a short-term treatment process with fewer procedures. In many applications, patients soon begin to notice positive results in their hair.

In our clinic ; vitamins applied in hair mesotherapy are applied by specialist doctors.

Does hair Mesotherapy allow hair to grow?

Of course, hair loss has stopped in every man and woman who applied hair mesotherapy. This application works very well.

Hair follicles are stimulated in areas where hair mesotherapy is applied. By giving the minerals and vitamins needed by the hair follicles, the environment is prepared for the hair to return to healthy again.

Mesotherapy is a hair loss treatment option that serves to lengthen hair for people, as well as positive results in the treatment of delay of baldness problem.

Hair mesotherapy is a suitable form of treatment for those who suffer from hair loss or are looking for solutions to their diseases with different applications other than hair transplantation. Especially male pattern baldness has become a serious problem on earth. Common symptoms of baldness are symptoms such as ringworm, thinning hair, and hair loss taking the form of a patch.

With a special cocktail used in hair mesotherapy application, blood circulation in the scalp increases and is supported by vitamins. With this procedure, your hair can grow again and your number of strands of hair increases. In this way, it allows your hair roots to be fed better.

In the treatment of hair loss, mesotherapy by hand is applied with an injection gun, as opposed to injectable mesotherapy. This method makes it both faster and less painful and painless.



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