FUE hair transplantation process began to be widely used in 2005. The recovery time is shorter than the previously used technique (FUT). It is the most common method used to remove hair follicles from the donor area of patients. Fue method; in general , hair follicles sensitive to shedding taken from the donor area at the back of our head are transferred to areas with hair loss or rarity on the front and top of our head.

The hair follicles taken from the donor area must be correctly separated according to their length and direction. It is very important that the hair follicles taken during this whole process are not damaged in any way.

It is also possible to get hair follicles from other parts of our body (beard and chest) when the hair follicles on the back of the person’s head are insufficient.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) METHOD

The most preferred

system in the world.

Fue method is an application that is done together with other methods. For instance;

  • Classic FUE (FUE method made by micro motor)
  • DHI FUE (FUE method with Choi implants)
  • Sapphire FUE (FUE method made with sapphire blades)

The reason why the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from the nape area

The hair in the nape area does not fall out because it is insensitive to testosterone. Hair follicles in the nape area are preferred because they are insensitive to shedding.  If the hair in the nape area has also fallen out or is insufficient due to a different disease, in this case, hair follicles can also be removed from different parts of the body, such as the beard and chest.

After FUE

Hair Transplantation

After FUE hair transplantation surgery, the planted hair roots fall out within an average month. This is a process that should and should be expected in the hair transplantation process. After this shedding process, new hair appears in the transplanted hair roots, which are permanent in the 3rd month. 60% -70% of hair transplanted in the 6th month has completed the exit process. By the 1st year, all the hair that has been transplanted has come out and grown. After 1 year, new hair should not be expected to come out.

According to the characteristic of the technique used in Estetimeclinic, the hair follicles planted are provided with an efficiency of about 90%. The first washing process is carried out in the hospital by our expert team, after which patients are given detailed information about how they should wash their hair.



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