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If your beard and mustache are sparse or less, the treatment of this is now done in our clinic with beard and mustache transplantation. It is possible to get a more aesthetic appearance due to Sapphire FUE technique transplant to areas with alopecia due to regional thinning, ringworm or scar.

The frequency and thickness of beard and mustache hair depends entirely on the genetic structure. After entering puberty, for 3 years, the hair of the beard and moustache thickens and takes the form of long, rough and dark hair. Beard hair retains this characteristic feature unless there is a serious change in the level of the male hormone.

Beard loss can occur due to skin diseases as well as autoimmune diseases. Apart from these, the most severe damage creates hormonal imbalances. Testosterone levels should be checked to find out the cause of hair, beard loss.

Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Who is it

suitable for ?

It is one of the reasons why people who do not have a beard and mustache at all or have thin hair apply for transplantation. Beard transplantation can be performed from the age of 20-22, when hormones reach the basal level. For men whose beard roots come out irregularly or intermittently, this process is also preferred. The process of beard planting can be applied to men with regional gaps in their beard, as well as to those who have never had a beard.

How Is It Done?

Only the area where the roots will be taken (donor) is shaved. There is no need to shave all hair.

The hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area in a healthy way with the classic FUE method. Beard lines are then made by determining the format of the area where the roots will be transplanted, depending on the patient’s facial structure and desire. With Sapphire FUE method, the hair shafts where the roots will settle are opened. The last stage is the placement of the roots in the hair shafts. Beard transplantation operations take about 6-7 hours on average.



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